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A note from Betty Ledyard:

“I started riding in Germany at the age of 10 in a barn that focused on balance and put beginner riders up on horses bareback and taught vaulting. I fell off every day 3 times a week for a year. 53 years later I'm still addicted to horses but at least I do not fall off quite as often. .

I now live in beautiful Flagler Beach Florida with my husband, two great dogs, Mr. Nibbles my Prix St. George horse and his two babysitter horses. 

When I was introduced to StressLess by Inspire Equine my horse was talented but tense. Spooky, fearful and unfocused. It was so frustrating to know the talent was there but it was difficult to tap into it because of his unfocused mind. Within two weeks of being a StressLess horse  Mr. Nibbles was totally transformed and able to realize his full potential . I was so impressed by the product I wanted to become involved and that is how I became the US Distributor of StressLess. I love representing this company and a product that has such game changing results and I never get tired of hearing the exclamations from countless happy clients.”